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There are times in our lives where we want something to happen, it can be a relationship, a friendship, or even something business related, we tend to start working towards it: we give it our time, our attention, our grace but it just won’t happen.

We tend to force things to happen and when that happens we end up in disappointment, we feel like a failure, defeated, not worthy of anything else, but along the way there were signs given to you that you misinterpreted or simply ignored.

The plain truth is that this specific energy wasn’t meant to be, it wasn’t going to benefit us, or it wasn’t aligned to our ideals, yet we try to fit the piece --or pieces-- to our puzzle at any cost. This can either lead you to negative self-talk or to a worse scenario: a cycle.

We can prevent forcing things when we start to acknowledge those signs that are given to us as gift-- literally God and the Universe are like “nooo, nooo, for real this is not for you”--

I would love to share three things that have helped me realize when I am trying to force something in my life that just doesn’t align.

This is what I feel and believe is the biggest gift. We are very intuitive by default, our bodies connect the dots from the brain to the heart to the gut and it transforms it into emotions (how certain things make you feel) -- Have you ever had that gut wrench feeling when you had your heart broken or when your kid falls.

LISTEN TO IT! Take a step back and truly feel how or what this thing you want really makes you feel, write it down to go back to it, and make a decision whether it is something that is aligned for you or not. 

P.S The hardest thing to do when you acknowledge it's not for you is letting it go.

Along the road there seems to be a bunch of obstacles or challenges, the Universe is great at testing us through life. If the same obstacle or similar challenges keep showing up, maybe something is up. Look into it, take a step back, and see if this thing that you want or are trying to manifest is not for you. 

P.S. Not every obstacle and challenge means your are forcing something, we all need these to learn a lesson or to truly make it happen, so be mindful about them.

You are constantly giving and not receiving, for example in a friendship you are constantly trying to connect but there is no reciprocity from the other person. You are giving yourself fully to your business but the business is not giving you any time for self-care. When you are not receiving good energy in return then is it even worth it?
Is this energy you are getting back not making you the best version of yourself?

Let it just flow, flow, flow and surrender to the opportunities yet to come that are the perfect fit to your puzzle!


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