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The Creative Mompreneurs invites you to be part of our Leadership Board 🎉 

You asked, we answred!

Based on the invaluable insights shared by you incredible women, it’s clear that there is a shared longing for enhanced networking avenues, workshops, and tools to facilitate your development as devoted mothers and business owners. Thus, we are excited to unveil The Creative Mompreneurs' Leadership Board! We are delighted to offer you the chance to apply and become part of our respected group of Leadership Board Members. Our Board is envisioned as a constructive realm where advice, support, and connections can be exchanged, aimed at empowering both you and your ventures

Leadership Board Application

Thank you for your interest in joining The Creative Mompreneurs: Leadership Board! Your responses will help us in the selection process to ensure that we build a diverse and dedicated team of board members who will contribute to the growth and success of our community.